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Tommy Weeck

Tommy Weeck

MX / AX Expert

I started coaching riders in 2014, and started RiseMX in 2016 part time. Made is officially my full time gig in 2017.

  • Experience

Tommy is a one-of-kind moto dude. Eats, breathes and sleeps for 2 wheels.

He is a Northwest native that has travelled the globe racing dirt bikes and honing his skill set to be better each time he lifts his leg over a dirt bike.

As a trainer he stays fit on and off the bike all year long. Pays attention to his nutrition intake to fuel his mind/body the best way for himself to perform at a very high level.

Tommy’s skill sets enforce positive motivation to push his clients strengths and build on their weakness helping them be a much better well rounded athlete.

He has a holistic approach to training and is always seeking and acquiring more knowledge for betterment.

Communication 100%
Multi-Tasking 90%
Professionalism 100%
Coaching Experience 80%
Strong Work Ethic 100%