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Evan Saindon

Evan Saindon


Rise MX!

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Evan Saindon is a United States Motorcycle Coaching Association (USMCA) Coach. He has been riding dirt bikes since the age of 3.

In 2015 he began training with Tommy Weeck and racing throughout the region earning multiple Pacific Northwest series championships since.

During his years of training with RiseMX Evan has embraced RiseMX’s holistic approach to training which includes positive motivation both on and of the bike as well as well-balanced nutrition program to support the high physical and mental demands of Motocross.

Evan has developed a passion for helping develop the next generation of riders as well has helping riders of all skill levels develop their skills.

This makes Evan a valued RiseMX Team member.

Fitness Expertise 90%
Body Building 80%
Boxing 70%