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1 on 1 MX Lessons

Get yourself ready to build your skillset!

At RiseMX, we excel at providing you the basics to advance your skill set on a motorcycle. It’s our mission to make you smarter while you enjoying riding off-road trails or on a closed course and during competition.

With our 1 on 1 sessions, you will receive focused attention from our trainers giving you the best training we can offer.

Body Positioning

We set you up on where your body should be on a motorcycle.

Riding Smarter

During session we teach you how to be smarter when riding.

Proper Techniques

Developing basis for proper technique is key to betterment and safety while riding.


We show how you stay balanced on a dirtbike.


When training with RiseMX, we offer many benefits through our program. We are here to fully to develop, train, build riders skill sets and give them full confidence to expand their abilities and strengthen their body and minds to become better riders.

  • It’s Help your body balance
  • Daily Work Freshness
  • Improve your workflow
  • Reduce Mental Stress
  • Build your body with a good shape
  • Daily Fitness Training
  • Balance your body

Personal Trainer